1. Giraffes are the only animals that have 32 teeth like humans.
  2. Dogs are the only animal that have a primary set and a permanent set of teeth like humans.
  3. Lobsters and crabs have teeth in their stomachs to aid in chewing their food.
  4. Snails can have around 25,000 teeth over their lifetime. Located on their tongue, they fall off and are replaced just like sharks.
  5. Sharks will have up to 48 exposed teeth with 5 rows behind still developing.
  6. The hardest substance ever discovered in nature is the tooth of a sea snail.
  7. Saltwater crocodiles have the highest bite force ever recorded.
  8. Pangolins and anteaters are the only groups of animals that don’t grow any teeth.
  9. A narwhal’s tusk is actually a canine tooth and can grow up to 9 foot long.
  10. All snakes have teeth but only venomous snakes have fangs.



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