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Dental Hygiene



Our dental hygienists are the best around, and make your visit as comfortable as possible. They provide a quality of service that is par to none.

Pain Free

At Sala, our dental hygienists make your teeth cleaning a painless and comfortable experience. Let them prove to you why they are the best!


Our hygienists are some of the most experienced around. Their combination of experience and knowledge ensure your experience with us is the best you can find.

Why It's Important

At Sala Family Dentistry we have a wonderful group of highly trained hygienists who can effectively treat all of your dental health needs. This group has received extensive education in managing your oral health, and their therapy is outstanding. We can treat your needs painlessly and efficiently covering all ranges of health from gingivitis to advanced periodontitis (gum disease).

Our dental hygiene department puts an emphasis on preventative care. We encourage the use of topical fluoride at regular cleanings for children and adults to help prevent tooth decay and to reduce or eliminate sensitivity in teeth.

Take Control of Your Dental Care!

At Sala Family Dentistry, we are here to serve you. Give us a call, or request an appointment online and let us earn your trust.