We realize the dentist is probably not your favorite place to be, honestly, we’d be surprised if going to the dentist was on your top 500 list. But we want to change that, that is why we are committed to exceptional patient care, and when we say patient care we mean much more than cleaning or fixing your teeth!

You see, the practice was started by Dr. Mike 30+ years ago, and he knew to have successful practice he needed more than great dentistry, he needed to form relationships. Dr. Mike said he wanted to make his patients his friends and treat them like family. These values were passed along to his two sons, Dr. Jason and Dr. Todd, and they have instilled it in the other six doctors and all staff members here at Sala Family dentistry. We want to serve you just as we would serve our mother, son, uncle or sister.

The staff at Sala Family Dentistry is not just trained clinically but also on customer service, we look to other company’s who are well known for their service like the Ritz Carlton, Disney, Apple and Amazon for learning opportunities, and do our best to emulate not only their level of service but their conveniences as well. As evident in our extended hours, pediatrics department and variety of orthodontic treatment options.

Most importantly, our commitment to exceptional patient care starts and ends with you, our patients. We hope all of your interactions with our office are pleasant and would love to hear about your positive experience through either a Google or Yelp review. If we did not meet or exceed your expectations, we’d like your feedback with suggestions for us to do so on your next visit!

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As your local Reno family dentist our highly trained, professional staff is committed to making every dental visit a positive experience. Together we can make sound decisions about dental and oral healthcare for you and your family.