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Reno Dentist Reviews

We have some amazing stories about our quality dental care! Hear what our patients are saying about Sala Family Dentistry
Reno Dentist Reviews

Sala Family Dentistry …..What can you say except they are the absolute best. I have never had the care and consideration from any of my dentists like I have had from the doctors at Sala Dentistry. Particularly Dr. Josh, we started with these doctors about the time Dr. Josh was starting with this group. He is awesome, kind, considerate and always interested in you simply as how everything is for you and what’s going on in your family and what you’ve been doing as well as why you are there to visit him. I have also had Dr. Todd and Dr. Jason for an appointment and they were so pleasant and as concerned what they could do for you in the absence of our regular Dentist. The entire office personnel is equally as nice and ready to help in any way they can. It is a pleasure to go to the dentist now. It’s like being greeted when you come in, like your there for just a regular visit of a friend.

The call back the next day to see how I’m doing is really above and beyond the call of duty. The sincerity has left. There are hardly any more doctor or dentist you go to anymore that will call to see how you are the next day. It is a pleasant surprise when the next day your phone rings and it’s your dentist calling to see if everything is alright and to be sure there was no problem with the procedure done the day before then they will always tell you if anything comes up be sure to call, they will make time to help with whatever is going on.

THIS DENTAL GROUP IS ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING!!!!! Rating out of 1 to 5 is an absolute 10!!!
Thank You Sala Family Dentistry.

– Carolyn Rose

Sala Family Dentistry is by far the best Dental office in town. Everyone is so welcoming, kind and professional. Kim the dental assistant was amazing! She was so kind, making sure I was comfortable, and she was very knowledgeable about all the questions I was asking. I could tell she truly cares about establishing relationships with her clients and honestly cares about your well being. If you are looking for a dental office that is extremely knowledgable, staff is caring and over the top compassionate about what they do Sala Family Dentistry is your place!! Thank you Sala Family Dentistry and thank you Kim for making my dental experience so great

– Taylor Mcclung

The Dentists and staff at SALA dentistry are top notch. From the receptionists to the check out clerk they really make you feel comfortable and at home. They even offer blankets and stress balls while you’re in the chair!! I highly recommend them if you want to be where “Customer Service” is a focus!!

– William Cunningham

Best dentists I have ever been to. I used to be scared of the dentist but not anymore. They never hurt me and do excellent work at an affordable price. I just can’t say enough nice things about Sala Family Dentistry!

– Tonya Vincent

They take the fear out of dentistry you’ll feel at home and receive the best dental care possible, anywhere. We travel from Northern California for care here. I started in 1974 when Dr. Mike took over a former dentistry practice. Todd and Jason have continued the family’s legacy.

Jan Robertson

Just had 2 permanent crowns put on and the whole process was easy! Everyone took great care of me and I now have 2 bright, and shiny teeth. So grateful for the care I received. Dr. Justin is awesome!!!!! Thanks, Sala Family Dentistry!

– Joan Weber

Going to the dentist used to be a stressing event for me. My time spent during each visit at your office has been nothing but pleasant. Thank you for taking the time to address my fears, and make sure that I’m comfortable.

– Toni Strassburg

I was actually just in Sala yesterday and had a really great experience. I see Jason Sala and as nervous as I always am going to the dentist he makes it a super calm experience. His work is efficient and absolutely perfect!! Jason’s assistant, Mary, is also very sweet and informative. She was very helpful during my visit while discussing work that needs to be done on my teeth! I’ve seen a lot of dentists and Sala is by far the best!! Great atmosphere, super accommodating, and solid work! Thanks guys!!

– Morgan Tewksbury

I’m very happy I found Sala family dentistry. They made my kiddos 1st trip to the dentist something she looks forward to. They are personable, you feel they actually care about you and your health vs. a quick service to charge $$.
I enjoy my trips too, they walk you through the process, are kind and a great team of dentists, hygienists & reception staff.

– Brittney Hardiman

I’ve always disliked the dentist, until I found Sala Dentistry. They always make me feel comfortable and relaxed. I recommend them to all my closest friends.

– Brittnie Sanders

I’ve been taking my kids to Sala Dentistry for quite a few years. They have been amazing…from Dr. Todd to Dr. Foster, we have had the best experiences at a dentist with pain free cleanings and tooth extractions. What?????

– Jennifer Nunzir

Sala Family Destistry is #1. The staff always provides excellent friendly care. Special thanks to Dr Jason, Joe and Mary on my last visit when I received exceptional bridge work.

– Karyn Aurelio

I have been a patient of Dr. Todd Sala since 2005. He is a wonderful and competent dentist who is caring and professional with his patients. I have previously referred friends and family to this dental practice and will continue to refer others. Both myself and spouse have been seen by Todd and his brother. Their office staff is friendly and always smiling and willing to help you. The dental hygenists are top rate.
Thank you for your great care.

– Kathy Stierhoff

I had to have a much dreaded Root Canal, that I have put off for years due to prior bad experiences.  Finally, I could wait no longer and scheduled my appointment with Dr. Todd.  I never thought I would say this, but the experience at Sala Family Dentistry was very pleasant.  Both Dr. Todd and Mary (his assistant) were kind, gentle, and explained what they were doing as the procedure went along.  I was in and out of the chair in 45 minutes, and this morning have absolutely no pain from the affected tooth.  I won’t go as far as to say I look forward to my next Root Canal, but I certainly won’t be as apprehensive as I was going into this one.  Thank you Mary and Dr. Todd!!!

– Kathryn Wild

As far as dentistal practices go, these folks are the best! Every six months I feel like a rockstar when I beat all the kids at the Ivan “Ironman” Stewart’s Super Off Road arcade game in the waiting room, it does wonders for my self-worth AND I get clean teeth immediately after!

The hygienists are always friends and just awesome! Jason is my dentist and his attention to detail and perfectionist nature makes him top notch! I feel like Bill Murray in Little Shop of Horrors, minus all the terror, because let’s be real, Jason and his team are super friendly, open, understanding, and very patient with their patients…

– Steven Lewis

Every moment of the experience at Sala Family Dentistry has been thought of for the patient, so the patient can be completely at ease. I truly wish more organizations would follow this customer service experience model. You instantly become a family member when you set foot on the property, and family is forever.

– Olivia Mclaughlin

I was very sceptical in changing dentists because of some previous bad and frighting experiences that I had received on root canals and crowns. Dr Todd understood my situation and assured me that he and his staff would see to it that I was not to be afraid and that they would make my experience with them comfortable, relaxing and better than I would have anticipated. They have, and I am most appreciative of the way they handled my situation. Every visit I have had since has been remarkable. I want to thank them all for their support and professionalism.

Mary Kanae

I have been going to Sala for many years.  I love that even though they have grown I can still come in and seem the same familiar faces.  My hygienist, Jen has done a lot to educate me on proper oral care.  This has helped me reduce my cavities and oral pain.

– Julie McMahon

Sala family dentistry is by far the best dentist my whole family has ever been to.  You know they are doing things right when your 4 year old can’t wait to go see the dentist!!

Jessie Latchaw

Such care and passion goes into every patient that comes through Sala’s doors! They are hands down THE best dentistry group we’ve ever been through!

– Scott Grayson