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From all white teeth fillings and dental hygiene, to root canals and dentures, we have your general dentistry needs covered.
With our in-house state of the art lab, we make beautiful smiles a reality. Teeth whitening is just the beginning.
At Sala Family Dentistry, we use the best technology available. Our own in house lab gives you access to cutting edge technology.

Your Needs Come First. Always.

We provide general dentistry that you can trust, because our commitment is to put your needs first. We provide heart felt service with cutting edge technology.

To make your visit comfortable we provide services such as heated massage chairs, blankets, iPods with noise cancelling headphones, nitrous oxide, warm scented towels, and sedation dentistry.

We take your comfort and care so seriously we even have our own in-house water purification system. Our purification system distills, ionizes and filters the water. During your general dentistry treatment you can be confident that we are using the best water available.

Simply put, your needs are our number one concern, and it will always stay that way.

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