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Sala Family Dentistry is here to provide answers to your questions about Invisalign clear aligners. Whether you’re curious about how Invisalign works, the treatment process, cost, or how it compares to traditional braces, you’ll find the information you need right here. Our commitment to excellence in dental care means we’re dedicated to helping you achieve your best smile with the latest in orthodontic technology.

Invisalign is the top manufacturer of clear aligners for orthodontic treatment and has been around for 25+ years. Their proprietary technology helps people straighten their teeth without metal wires, brackets, or the bulky look and feel of braces. The aligners are removable so you can enjoy all the foods you love and are able to keep up with your normal oral hygiene routine.

Invisalign treatment consists of a sequence of trays, each worn for 22 hrs a day for one week. Depending on how much treatment is needed will
determine how many sets of trays you receive. Each tray pushes on the teeth slightly for extremely small and precise movements no more than 0.2
mm per tray. Invisalign is constructed from a proprietary thermoplastic which delivers the optimal amount of force for tooth movement. Contrary to what you might think, teeth actually require very light force to move. The key to achieve tooth movement is to apply force continuously and that is how we achieve your smile goals.

Our goal is to get your treatment done in 12 months. Patient compliance does play a crucial part in achieving your results but we are confident that we can achieve your dream smile within 12 months.
Invisalign is not painful because the teeth are gradually moved into place. You wear each set of trays for one week so you will only feel mild pressure on your teeth the first day of a new tray. The trays have a precise custom fit and are not bulky or sharp in the mouth like traditional braces. They are also contoured to your gum line to prevent irritation.
Invisalign at Sala Family Dentistry costs $4220 and we offer many different payment options. Some insurances cover Invisalign just like they would cover traditional braces. You can use your FSA or HSA to pay for your Invisalign treatment as well. We also accept Care Credit as a form of payment. For additional payment plan options you can schedule a complimentary consultation by calling 775-473-9110.
Invisalign trays are virtually invisible and at an arm’s length and most people cannot see trays in your mouth. They are also removable so if you are taking a picture you can take them out if you wish. The attachments that are placed on your teeth are also translucent and not visible at an arm’s length.
Invisalign has been around for 27 years and has helped over 16 million people transform their smiles. Invisalign is a great option for most people. Invisalign can help people that have crowded teeth, gapped teeth, open bites, under bites, over bites and cross-bites. To get a personalized simulation of your potential results call 775-473-9110 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

We will not need to take any messy impressions to get your Invisalign journey started. Instead we take a digital scan of your mouth that is much more comfortable and accurate.

After your Invisalign treatment is done we will fabricate retainers which are a more sturdy set of trays that will be worn every night for life to protect your teeth from shifting back to their initial place. Teeth have memory and will always want to shift back to their original place so the only way to prevent that is by wearing a retainer at night. Most people also grind or clench their teeth at night so by wearing a retainer you are also protecting your teeth from those habits. The other amazing feature about the retainers are that they can be used as bleach trays whenever you want to whiten your teeth. There is no additional cost for your retainers and you will receive 4 pairs at the end of your treatment which will set you up for success for the first 4 years after your Invisalign treatment has been completed. For additional retainers there is a fee.
Invisalign trays are removable so there are no food restrictions because you can take them out to enjoy all of your favorite foods. You can also keep your Invisalign trays in to eat if you wish. By eating with your trays in it actually helps with the movement of your teeth. If you are keeping your trays in avoid eating or drinking anything that is yellow because it will stain your trays.
With Invisalign you can clean your teeth as you normally would because the tray are removable. Brushing and flossing will be the same. You can use your waterpik or electric tooth brush and you can still come in for your routine cleanings with your hygienist.
Invisalign is FDA approved. The Invisalign trays and retainers are made of a BPA free, latex free, medical grade patented thermoplastic that is safe to use inside the human body.

To start your smile transformation, you can call 775-473-9110 to schedule a complimentary consultation. During your consultation you will be shown a personalized simulation of what your potential outcome can be and we will go over all the payment options we offer. 

An Invisalign Diamond Provider is the highest status a doctor can earn with Invisalign. It acknowledges the experience and expertise that comes with effectively utilizing the Invisalign system. Only 1% of Invisalign providers in the nation achieve this status. Our team is committed to staying up to date with the newest cutting edge technologies and practices by continually taking education and training courses. When you do Invisalign at Sala Family Dentistry you can rest assured you will receive the highest level of care. We have a proven record of successfully finished cases and we would love to help you achieve your dream smile.
A Fellowship in the American Academy of Clear Aligners is the highest level of recognition for experience, knowledge, and talent that a general dentist can achieve in the field of Clear Aligner Therapy. To attain Fellowship doctors must prove they have a wealth of experience in treating patients with Clear Aligners and have results that are of exceptional quality. All candidates must pass rigorous case reviews and a written exam in addition to 50hrs of logged continuing education. The AACA validates that these dentists are the very best in the field. There are only 76 fellows of the AACA in the world and we are proud to share that Dr. Jason is one of them. He achieved his fellowship in July of 2023 and Dr. Christina, under Dr. Jason’s mentorship, is also working towards achieving her fellowship. When you get Invisalign at Sala Family Dentistry you can be proud to know that you are being treated by the best doctors.
To clean your Invisalign trays you can use a toothbrush and brush them out with warm water and a mild soap twice a day. You can also find aligner/retainer cleaners on Amazon or at your nearest drug store.

Invisalign can help people with all kinds of teeth misalignment issues (malocclusion) such as crowded teeth, gapped teeth, open bites, under bites, over bites and cross-bites. To get a personalized simulation of your potential results call 775-473-9110 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

At your complimentary consultation we will take a digital scan of your mouth so we can show you a personalized simulation of your possible results. We will go over how the Invisalign system works and answer any questions you might have. We will also go over the cost of treatment and all of our payment options.

The nice thing about Invisalign is how convenient it can be into fitting into anyone’s life style. When you do Invisalign we only have to see you periodically every 6-8 weeks to check your teeth and trays. We can also enroll you into Virtual Care which gives us the ability to do virtual checkup appointments with you so if you’d like we can see you at the beginning of your journey and at the end when you have gone through all of your trays.

Virtual Care is a program we can offer to our patients that have busy lives or don’t live close to our office. By enrolling in the program it enables us to do virtual checkups on your teeth and trays. It’s super easy and convenient, all you have to do it download the My Invisalign App on your phone and send us photos of your teeth through the app. If you have any questions or concerns you can also message our team through the app.

The nice thing about Invisalign is how convenient it can be into fitting into anyone’s life style. We have treated patients that live bi-coastal or travel for multiple months at a time. We have also treated patients that go to school out of state. All this is possible because we can enroll you into Virtual Care which gives us the ability to do virtual checkup appointments with you instead of having you come into the office. With Virtual Care we can see you at the begging of your Invisalign journey and at the end when you have gone through all of your trays.
Yes, if you have had braces in the past and your teeth have shifted Invisalign can help get your teeth back to the position they were in, and at the end of treatment you will receive retainers to wear at night.

One of the reasons we are so passionate about Invisalign at Sala Family Dentistry is because we believe in preventative long term care, and although nice aesthetic smiles are an amazing bi-product of doing Invisalign, what also makes us super excited is the functional results we achieve for patients. Teeth that function properly will stay healthier and benefit you in the long run. Our teeth are supposed to come together in a very specific way like a lock and key and when teeth are misaligned it can cause many issues to our teeth, restorations, and gums. By fixing malocclusion problems with Invisalign, you can save yourself money by lessening the chances of needing more dental work.

Malocclusion problems are:
– Crowded teeth
– Spaced out teeth
– Flared out teeth
– Deep bites
– Edge to edge bites
– Over bite
– Under bite
– Cross bite

Issues caused by malocclusion problems:
– Higher risk of decay
– Grinding and/or clenching of teeth and TMJ issues
– Gum recession
– Bone Loss
– Excess wearing of teeth
– Chipping of teeth or existing restorations
– Fractures on teeth or restorations
– Notches on teeth near gum line (abfractions)
– Occlusal trauma from unbalanced bite
– Tooth sensitivity from excess forces
– Food impaction and irritated gums
– Teeth being harder to keep clean
– Gingivitis
– Tooth mobility

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