dental fear

Don’t let dental fear leave a bad taste in your mouth.

At Sala Family Dentistry, we understand that fear of the dentist is real. But, with state-of-the-art dental technology, there’s no longer anything to fear. We’re committed to making your visit quick, easy, and pain-free—and we employ the best technology and practices to do so. Our doctors and staff are all committed to ensuring your time with us is comfortable.

Our relaxed dentistry techniques, such as using sedation, allow your experience with us to be as stress-free as possible. Because fear shouldn’t keep you from keeping up with your health. Visit Sala Family Dentistry, where we make you as comfortable as possible, so you can stay as healthy as possible.

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As your local Reno family dentist our highly trained, professional staff is committed to making every dental visit a positive experience. Together we can make sound decisions about dental and oral healthcare for you and your family.