Our all white teeth fillings are made with material that is designed to last. Not only this, but once they are in you can barely even see them.

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Your comfort is our primary concern. Our custom design ensures that your dentures or partial dentures feel comfortable and natural.


Our staff are some of the most experienced around. Their combination of experience and knowledge ensure your experience with us is the best you can find.

Bonded Composite Fillings

Until recently, dentists filled and sealed cavities exclusively using a silver and mercury amalgam. Unfortunately, these fillings (or restorations) often weaken teeth due to the large amount of the original tooth that has to be removed.

Modern dentistry has increasingly turned to composite teeth fillings as a strong, safe and more natural looking alternative. Composite fillings utilize a tooth colored resin that is bonded to the tooth creating increased strength to the previously compromised tooth.  Many times we can use the Laser to remove the cavity without anesthesia!

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