We’re a family here at Sala Family Dentistry and we understand your worry to take care of your baby’s oral health. For those first time parents – you may have many questions about your new child’s teeth and oral health. Here are 10 facts about baby teeth.

  1. There are 20 baby teeth as opposed to 32 permanent teeth.
  2. Baby teeth are whiter in color than permanent teeth. This is why permanent teeth look more yellow when they erupt.
  3. Baby teeth start forming when babies are in utero.
  4. The first baby teeth to erupt are typically lower central incisors.
  5. The first baby teeth to be lost are also the lower central incisors.
  6. Baby teeth have thinner enamel (the outer white hard layer). This means that when a cavity starts it progresses much faster than a cavity in a permanent teeth that has thicker enamel.
  7. Baby teeth serve many purposes but one of the biggest is holding space for the permanent teeth.
  8. Many children grind their teeth when they are younger. Don’t worry, this usually stops when they get a few permanent teeth in their mouth.
  9. Baby teeth should be brushed as soon as they erupt.
  10. Extended bottle feeding not only contributes to decay early on but also increases the risk of childhood obesity.

If you have any questions about your baby’s teeth, please make sure to reach out to us! You can also learn more about pediatric dental services here.



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