Don’t put off going to the dentist! At Sala Family Dentistry we truly care about our patients and your overall health. When you come in for an exam with one of our amazing doctors, you will get a personalized treatment plan. At your appointment, your dentist will complete a variety of assessments. There are the usual things you know your dentist and hygienist are doing such as checking for cavities and informing you that you need to be flossing more (but really, we know it’s a little bit more time, but floss!).
There are other things your dentist is doing during your check-up at Sala Family Dentistry. Some of these tasks include:

1. An oral cancer screening
2. An assessment of your gums to see what type of cleaning you will need
3. An assessment of your teeth and X-rays to ensure you are cavity free
4. A detailed exam of the head and neck
5. Options for replacing missing teeth
6. Whitening options
7. Orthodontic options and if needed a referral to our in office orthodontist Dr Andrew
8. Bite appliance options if you clench or grind your teeth
9. Mouth guard options if you play sports
10. Smile makeover options if you want to improve your smile.

So next time you are thinking about putting off that dental appointment, think on what you could be missing out on! Your dental check-up at Sala Family Dentistry is so much more than just a teeth cleaning. We look forward to seeing you soon. We always encourage our patients to call us with any questions they may have before there visit.

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