Do you ever find yourself standing in the oral care aisle at the store, eyes glazed over with all of the options of a kids toothbrush? We get it, it can be overwhelming when all you want is to grab the best one for your child and move on. Here are a few helpful tips to ease this task of finding the perfect kids toothbrush for your child.

Choose a brush that is age appropriate
Most brushes for children are labeled with ages- pay attention to this. You want a brush that is small enough to fit in their little mouths

Tip: infant finger brushes are great for the baby with no teeth. It will clean and stimulate the gingiva so that it is clean and healthy when the teeth finally make their grand entrance

Soft, medium, or hard?
You may tend to think that the harder the bristles the cleaner the teeth. This is however not accurate. Harder bristles can cause damage to your child’ s gums, therefore you always want to choose a brush with soft bristles. When used properly, it will do the same job as a medium or harder brush and still keep your child’s gums from becoming irritated or injured.

Make it fun and get them involved
If your child is interested, allow them to help in the picking out process. This helps them to feel involved and gives them some say in the situation. It also makes brushing a fun thing to do when their favorite cartoon character, car or sport is joining them in their event.

As always, if you have any other questions about your kid’s oral health or kids toothbrush, please give a call. Remember, any child under the age of 3 can receive a free dental consultation!



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