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Despite your dentist constantly reminding you to floss, most people fail do so. Flossing is an extremely important component of achieving and maintaining good oral health. If you’re having trouble establishing flossing as part of your daily routine or remembering to brush at least twice per day (especially before bedtime), here are some tips:

  1. Have a Teammate or Accountability Partner

A parent, sibling, significant other, or roommate can be an excellent partner to help you establish and conquer your oral hygiene goals. They can help provide motivation as well as hold you accountable if you being to waiver.

  1. Reward Good Behavior

It’s often easier to achieve a goal if there is a reward at the end. This can be done on a daily, weekly, or even longer basis. Just try to avoid sugary foods as the reward! There can be individual rewards for those that stick to the routine or even a larger reward for the entire family if everyone sticks to their oral hygiene routine.

  1. Set a Realistic and Achievable Goal

Establish a routine that works with your schedule and personality. If you’re always in a rush to get to work or school on time, maybe try brushing/flossing at an earlier point in the morning. Or if everyone is exhausted at bedtime, brush & floss after dinner before the sleepiness sets in.

  1. Baby Steps

To keep from getting discouraged or creating an unrealistic goal, start small and work your way up. For example, it might be better to start flossing three times per week which will eventually become seven days per week.

  1. Set An Alarm or Reminder On Your Phone

Having an alarm or reminder on your phone will help to continuously & consistently remind you that it is time for your routine brushing and flossing.

  1. Maintain Your Regular Dental Check-Ups

Regular dental check-ups are one of the most important parts of achieving and maintaining good oral health. Your dentist will be able to help prevent any potential issues and will help address any concerns before they progress into something more serious.

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