Did you know that flossing on a daily basis reduces gingival bleeding and inflammation? And that brushing two times a day for two minutes each time helps disrupt plaque biofilm and reduces your risk for developing cavities? If you’re tired of hearing the same spiel preached over and over again by your dental hygienist, perhaps it may be time to listen up and hear them out!

You may have heard of or be familiar with the terms “gum disease” or “gingivitis;” but what do they really mean? Periodontal disease is what we consider an umbrella term for two conditions — 1) gingivitis and 2) periodontitis. Gingivitis literally translates to “inflammation of the gums,” while periodontitis involves more than just the soft tissue (gums) alone. Once inflammation of the gums has begun to affect the hard tissue (supporting bone), a person’s periodontal status may then be termed periodontitis. It’s vitally important that we take care of the supporting structures of our teeth in order to prevent mobility, and ultimately premature tooth loss. Neglecting to clean interproximally (between our teeth) on a daily basis, results in inflammation, which in turn results in attachment loss in the form of deep periodontal pockets and bleeding.

By choosing to adopt and practice adequate daily oral homecare habits, we can ensure optimal oral health; preventing not only the development of dental decay, but disease of the periodontium. Flossing on a daily basis, as well as brushing each morning and night, is your ticket to a happier and healthier smile that will last a lifetime!



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