Does the term “deep cleaning” make you think of pain? Have you been putting off treating your gum disease? There is good news for you! Patients at Sala Family Dentistry have found that treating gum disease doesn’t have to be painful!

For our patients with gingivitis (the early stage of periodontal disease) and periodontal disease (an active and destructive gum infection), Sala Family Dentistry utilizes a specialized program called Periodontal Therapy to better treat the present gum infection. This treatment includes using specialized instruments and techniques to remove harmful bacteria and irritants from the teeth and tissues. Specific medications are used to help increase healing while reducing sensitivity. In our office, we have the ability to individualize your treatment with saliva testing to help identify the bacteria causing your periodontal infection. The treatment places an antibiotic for gum disease into specific areas with progressed infection. Our program also sends you home with the tools you need to maintain healthy gums after the in-office treatment is completed. We will set you up for success and work as a team to prevent gum disease in the future.

If left untreated, gum disease is harmful to both your oral health and your general health. Treating gum disease in our office is not painful. Whether it is located in one specific area or throughout your whole mouth, don’t leave an infection untreated! Patients at Sala Family Dentistry are grateful for our pain-free Periodontal Therapy process and thrilled with the amazing healing success.

If you have been putting off gum treatment, please call us today at (775) 376-7914 and we will be happy to discuss our Periodontal Therapy Program with you!

Periodontal Therapy is the most non-invasive way to keep your gums healthy.




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