dental insurance

dental insurance


Let’s be honest, dental insurance is confusing! What’s covered, what is not, copay vs. patient portion and what on earth do all those insurance terms mean!?

For us, providing great patient experiences doesn’t just mean while you’re sitting in the dental chair, but also knowing the most we can about the ever changing world of insurance. Here are a few quicks tips to maximize the benefits you are provided.

  • Dental insurance does NOT work like medical insurance, in fact, it’s almost the opposite. Your dental deductible is typically much smaller than your medical deductible, and once it’s met you will still have copays for your procedures. Most dental plans also have a smaller allowance for benefits available per year, so your chance of maxing out each year is more likely.
  • All insurance plans have frequency limitations for checkups and cleanings. It’s important to understand what these limitations are to avoid coming in too early or often, however keeping up on these services at the recommendations of your provider can help avoid more expensive treatment.
  • Some dental plans have waiting periods and will not cover treatment for up to 12 months after your effective date. Others have specific waiting periods for things like orthodontic benefits or replacing a missing tooth.

Most dental plans also have frequency limitations for replacing crowns, bridges, dentures, and fillings.  When making a diagnosis for one of these procedures your provider will ask how long ago the previous restoration was done, do your best to remember and be honest. Insurances keep your dental records, regardless if you have changed plans, so having an accurate idea of when your initial crown, filling or denture was done will help maximize your coverage and give you a more accurate out of pocket cost.

While dental insurance can be a helpful tool, it should not fully dictate your oral health.  Our insurance professionals are available to help answer your questions, and our team will do our best to maximize the benefits allotted to you and your family. Please feel free to contact our office for a complimentary benefits check.



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