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Oral Healthcare Starts at Home

While the importance of regular dental checkups cannot be stressed enough, the most essential tool to maintaining your oral health is what you do on the days between visits to the dentist. Fortunately, most Americans agree that proper oral hygiene is crucial to maintain both oral and overall health. According to a 2021 study by Delta Dental, 93% of American adults consider oral health to be very — if not extremely — important to overall health. At Sala Family Dentistry, we want to give you the necessary information and tools to follow a great oral hygiene routine.

Tooth Brushing

Brushing is a must; twice daily for two minutes each time. Using an electric toothbrush is ideal (and is backed by evidence-based research to be the most effective brushing method).


Flossing is also incredibly crucial in order to perform adequate interproximal care that removes plaque and bacteria from between tooth-to-tooth contacts and helps to ensure the health of the gums. Using string dental floss is the most effective flossing tool available as opposed to other available interdental aids. Helpful adjunctive aids to traditional floss include floss picks, Waterpiks, floss threaders, superfloss, rubber tips, toothpicks, and proxabrushes.

Tongue Cleaners/Mouthwash

Choosing to also incorporate a tongue cleaner and/or mouthwash is incredibly worthwhile and greatly enhances the efficacy of one’s daily home-care habits. Avoid mouthwashes containing alcohol, as the alcohol is harsh on your mouth and can wash away both bad AND good bacteria.

Fluoride Treatment

Having a topical fluoride treatment applied every 4-6 months and daily use of a fluoridated toothpaste is recommended to provide opportunity for remineralization to occur, which ultimately strengthens and protects the integrity of the enamel and keeps an individual’s risk for decay low.

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