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first time momsThis is for all you first-time moms out there. If you’re freaking out and feel like you’re failing at everything we’re here to tell you that you’re doing great and that you are NOT failing! It is okay if you don’t know what you are doing, this is your first kid. Are you wondering where the owners manual for this little human is? Wouldn’t it be helpful? We can’t help you with everything, but we can help you with baby-teeth education.
For your baby’s teeth here is a quick reference guide on what to do:
1) When your child gets teeth, start introducing them to brushing the teeth. Nice warm bristles of the toothbrush always help. Also, make sure you are using a toothbrush with soft bristles. Introducing toothbrushes to your child at a young age creates positive habits.
2) When your child gets teeth, bring them in to see us, we know you have questions and we have answers. Babies can start getting teeth at 5-6 months old. Don’t wait to bring them in! To make it easier for you, children 3 and under recieve their first visit free. Their initial visit will include:
  • Exam: We’ll make sure to examine your child’s mouth to ensure there aren’t any signs of oral health problems in the future. Our goal is to set your child up with a healthy future.
  • Teeth Cleaning: Even though your children are going to lose their baby teeth, it’s still important that they are taken care of! If baby teeth aren’t taken care of, it could cause damage to gums and damage to the permanent teeth coming in.
  • Fluoride Treatment: Fluoride is extremely important in the development of having a healthy oral health future. This ensures that your child’s teeth are staying strong and setting up a positive future for their permanent teeth
3) Let us get your child on the right track to a lifetime of oral health. Getting your child in early helps create positive habits, and it helps get rid of the fear children seem to have when visiting the dentist.
We know you have questions so we want to make sure we allow time to answer all of these questions. Come ask all your questions to our pediatric dentist to set your child up for a lifetime of dental health.
Q & A, Free Initial Consultation and Exam:
Ages under 3
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