hygienist flossing patient

Here is a quick tip about flossing! Now most of us know that we should floss 1-2 times per day! How many of us actually do that? Let’s be honest…probably not a lot of us! The big question here is why not? Well, one reason is maybe we are not sure we are doing it correctly! One of the things I hear patients say is “my gums always bleed when I floss.” True! If you don’t floss regularly or are doing it incorrectly, your gums will 100% bleed. Bleeding gums signal unhealthy or traumatized gums. This little principle I learned years ago has helped me educate my patients on how to properly floss! It is called the “Hug and Tug” method! The idea is that you hug your tooth with the floss and tug up and down gently. There is no need to carve up your gums like a turkey or saw them like you’re cutting a tree! Those types of techniques cause more irritation, more trauma, and keep the gums bleeding and unhealthy. By gently “C”-shaping the floss around your teeth (the “hug”) stimulates the gums and proper cleans the debris that hides in between the teeth! Not only will this feel a million times better but your visits to Sala Family Dentisty will go smoother, you’ll have less bleeding, and you’ll be motivated to floss more! It’s a win-win! Remember “Hug and Tug” those gums back to health and you’ll develop a habit that all of us at the office love to see and…healthy, pink gums!

Dr. Justin Patay



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