We are looking to grow our team.  See what current and former employees have to say about working at Sala Family Dentistry.

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  • I am changing careers, but if I go back into dentistry Sala would be my first choice in a place to work.  Very supportive team and Sala treats its employees fairly and honestly. 
  • The culture here is amazingly healthy. It encourages you to be the best version of yourself you can be.  Sala promotes accountability and structure that a lot of people desire but don’t have in their life. It’s hard work but at the end of the day, it’s all worth it, you leave looking forward to going back!
  • Caring people caring for people…  Honestly, I have never been surrounded by a group of people that care so much and will go completely out of their way with a smile on their face to help anyone.  It warms my heart knowing my job is not only a paycheck but my family and my home away from home.
  • I love this company with all my heart! I’ve been involved from bottom to top and truly value each person as a family member! I think that’s what sets us apart is our passion for improving the lives of others in our team and outside our walls! It’s truly a blessing to be associated with our company! Simply the best! 
  • We have a great culture and the work environment in our practice.  I genuinely enjoy working with the people I work with and like to grow as a team with my coworkers.  We have a lot of fun and help to encourage each other and work together to help each other out.  I can see myself as a member of the group and enjoy working at Sala Family Dentistry a lot.
  • Going to the dentist can be a very difficult thing to do for many people and at Sala Family Dentistry prides itself on being “Caring People, Caring for People” and we do this by anticipating our patients’ needs and exceeding their expectations. We practice conservative dentistry and when considering our patients’ dental needs, we think of what it is that we would recommend for our family members.
  • Our Dental Hygiene family is the best! We have teamwork and friendship. We are supported in providing the best care for our patients in a safe environment and have fun together.

Are you interested in joining our team? We’d love for you to join us! 




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