Getting your child to the dentist could be the biggest task of the day, week, or month. Your attitude regarding the dentist and how you speak to your child about the dentist can definitely increase or decrease the curiosity and willingness of your little one.

1) Prevention

Good things come from being proactive vs. reactive. The American Academy of General Dentistry suggests taking your child to the dentist when they cut their first tooth and no later than their 1st birthday.
– A lot of the first visits of your child’s time at the dentists are spent as getting familiar with the surroundings and sounds. Making sure they’re comfortable. And also educating parents and caregivers on the child’s oral health.
– Find the right office and doctor that fits your needs and your expectations.

2) Put your bad feelings and experiences to the side.

Dentistry has changed tremendously in the last decade and for the better. Do not project bad experiences onto your little ones. There has been so many advances in dentistry, that is why their is the pediatric specialty now, to help with the stigma on dentistry.

3) Rewards

There are always rewards for children when they do something correctly. No matter the task; Potty Training, Chores, Eating all of their dinner or simply picking up all of their toys. It is ok to use this method for visiting the dentist as long as it is gone over in a positive way. Everyone on the planet grown adults or little kids are more inclined to do a good job or finish a project if they are incentives. Words of Affirmation or materialistic prizes are great to motivate anyone.

4) Home Care

A routine at home for oral hygiene is a good foundation for children to get excited about the dentist. The reward method helps in this area.

With just a few simple steps good experiences are built for your child to have a good outlook on visiting the dentist.



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