manual and electric toothbrush

manual and electric toothbrush

In 2007, I faced the predicament of the manual vs electric toothbrush debate. I was visited by Sonicare and Oral B reps. Both reps talked a great game and told me why their electric toothbrushes were the best–how much plaque they removed and how healthy my gums would be by using them. I was intrigued, to say the least. So I gave the electric toothbrush a chance and like many of us dentists, fell out of favor with the toothbrushes and went back to comfortable, original, and non-charging manual toothbrush. You see, I always thought “I” could and would do a better job than an electric toothbrush. Well fast forward a few years and I was faced with the same dilemma. The only difference was now I was more educated and frankly interested! I decided I’m giving this a fair shake and created an experiment. I was going to use this electric toothbrush for one month, religiously! After the month, I would switch back to my manual toothbrush and compare the feeling of my gums and teeth. I was convinced that I would prevail and the electric toothbrush would go right back into the abyss of my medicine cabinet. However, after one month I kept my part of the deal and switched back to my manual brush. It only took one day to realize it was not as good as the electric toothbrush. My teeth felt more gritty and dirty with the manual brush than the electric! I was sold! I made the switch and although my ego was bruised, it’s the best decision I’ve made with my oral health. You see the electric toothbrush does all the work you usually do and it does it so much better. You have to give an honest effort! For me, the proof was in the mirror with healthier teeth, gums, and mouth! As far as which one to use, I say choose whichever one helps you brush more often and will not end up in the back of the medicine cabinet. Happy brushing!

by Dr. Justin Patay



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