national dental health awareness month

National Dental Hygiene Month

October is National Dental Hygiene Month,

and we want to celebrate the work dental hygienists do and to help raise awareness on the importance of good oral health.

Quick Tips to Improving Your Dental Routine

  1. Have a toothbrush and toothpaste in your purse or car to always have it in sight. Never forget to brush your teeth.
  2. Always brush your teeth after you eat.
  3. No one likes to floss but theirs different kind of flossing now that can help. Waterpiks are the best you don’t have to get into every part of your teeth just press the button and the water pressure will help you get anything between your teeth.
  4. Maintain your regular dental hygiene appointments.

What you eat does matter for a healthy smile.

    • Ice for chilling, not chewing
    • Citric fruits and juices-These can erode enamel
    • Not all coffee is good for you- Coffee and tea can stain your teeth.  Make sure you drink plenty of water and brush your teeth
    • Sticky Foods-  These are some of the worst foods for your teeth because they stay on your teeth longer
    • Swap out soda with water
    • Watch out for Sports Drinks- Between the sugar and the acidity these drinks can harm teeth and cause cavities

If you have any concerns about your dental health please make sure to give us a call during National Dental Hygiene Month. We want to help you keep a healthy smile for a long time! Call us today to set up an appointment!



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