oral cancer screening hygienists

oral cancer screening hygienists

One of the most important exams you can receive at the office is an oral cancer screening exam. This exam allows dentists to evaluate and check for lumps, bumps, and growths that are both inside and outside of the mouth. Why is this so important? Oral cancer affects millions of people every year and it does not discriminate. Meaning anyone can get it. There are so many causes of oral cancer but increasing risk factors include tobacco and alcohol use. Do one of these and you increase your risk, but do both of these regularly together and your risk skyrockets! Where does it grow? Oral cancer has a few spots in the mouth where it is commonly found. The most notable sites are the floor of the mouth and sides of the tongue and lips. Now just because you notice a bump does not mean you have it. Oral cancer essentially does not look good in its presentation, meaning it’s ulcerated, red, irritated, and downright yuck! Like many other cancers throughout the body, early detection is important. By doing these exams we are screening and detecting early if there are concerns so we can remedy your health. So when you are sitting in the chair and it feels like a massage, remember we are performing the most important exam or treatment of the day!

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