Have you ever thought about getting piercings in or around your mouth? You may want to think again! Oral piercings are very different compared to many other body piercings because the mouth is home to bacteria.  

There is a large amount of bacteria in the human mouth. Some bacteria is good as it protects your teeth and gums. Although, there are other bad forms of bacteria that we don’t want in our mouth because they cause tooth decay and gum disease. Piercings in and around your mouth can get infected much easier than in other parts of the body.

Not only should you be aware of bacterial infections, but your mouth also has many nerves and blood vessels. Because the tongue is a muscle, it has arteries and nerves that run through it.  When nerves are damaged, it can cause issues with numbness and loss of sensation in the area. If the piercing is done where an artery is, there can be severe bleeding.

Oral piercings are also a large risk to your teeth. They can cause the tooth enamel to erode and can crack your teeth when the jewelry is caught in between teeth during a bite. Lastly, oral piercings can lead to gum disease which can lead to tooth loss, as well as increasing saliva production, and altering your ability to taste.  

If you have questions about oral piercings ask your dental team. We can help advise you of the risks before you alter your dental health. Contact us today to set up an appointment to dicuss your oral health needs, or if you have any questions about your piercings. 




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