Santa Got a Makeover, and You Could Too

Smile Giveaway Contest

During Christmas season, our friend Santa puts on his red coat, adjusts his red hat, and smiles at all of the kids waiting to sit on his lap and list off their hopes for Christmas day. The only problem is Santa wasn’t always able to smile as much as he wanted. The medicine he had been taking for decades had severely damaged his teeth. He needed some serious work on his teeth and didn’t have the confidence he needed to be himself.

That’s when he decided his life needed to change, so he went to Sala Family Dentistry. The only problem was Santa couldn’t afford the work he needed on his teeth, and that was that. Or so he thought.

Dr. Todd decided he needed to help Santa with his teeth. Dr. Todd explained, “Maybe life hasn’t given [him] a bunch of good stuff, maybe we can be the gift [he] needed.”

For Sala Family Dentistry, dentistry isn’t just about a healthy smile, it’s about helping people gain the confidence they need to improve their overall quality of life. So, Sala is continuing their tradition of giving back. “It’s very rewarding to make this community a better place, because it’s already a great place to live,” as Dr. Todd says.

Apply to the Smile Giveaway Contest today to win $20,000 in dental care services, because no matter what your story is or how much your teeth need help, Sala Family Dentistry wants to give you the smile you deserve.




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