silver diamine fluoride

silver diamine fluoride

Silver diamine fluoride (SDF) has been used in dentistry for a long time in many parts of the world, but it is now being used as a frequent and reliable treatment option for cavities in the United States. It has become particularly useful in treating young children with early childhood caries. Silver nitrate had been used historically in the U.S. as a means of helping prevent cavities but has significantly declined in use with newer and better treatment options such as SDF.

Silver Diamine Fluoride not only helps stop/reduce the growth of existing cavities, but it also helps strengthen teeth and reduce the risk of forming new cavities. SDF was initially used & approved as a desensitizing agent but has become a frequently used treatment option in these expanded capacities, particularly in children (as well as with the elderly and those with special needs) where performing traditional dental procedures can often be difficult to tolerate for the patient. It can be applied directly to a tooth or cavity without any drilling or anesthesia. Studies have shown that Silver Diamine Fluoride can be up to 80% effective at stopping/reducing tooth decay in baby teeth. The primary drawback of SDF is that it will permanently stain cavities and demineralized tooth structure black, however, the discoloration can ultimately be treated and resolved with tooth-colored fillings/crowns once the patient is able to tolerate dental treatment.

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