woman holding floss flossing

woman holding floss flossing

Everyone knows that flossing is an extremely important component of good oral hygiene, yet so few of us do it as part of our daily routine. This will address some of the reasons (or excuses!) as to why so many of us don’t floss.

  1. “My Gums Bleed”

Many people believe that if their gums bleed, they should stop flossing. The truth is, however, that you should actually floss more! Bleeding gums result from bacteria and plaque accumulation between your teeth that causes inflammation of the gums and consequently bleeding. A small amount of bleeding can be normal as you commence routine flossing but should taper off as you progress.

  1. “I can’t floss because I have braces”

Even with braces, you should floss to remove all of the food and plaque that accumulates between your teeth. In fact, it is even more important to floss while wearing braces because the brackets & wires trap more food debris and plaque than teeth without them. Not flossing with braces can cause periodontal disease and tartar buildup. Also, you are more likely to develop stains or “white spot lesions” (which are the start of cavities!) on your teeth which defeats the purpose of spending a significant amount of time, money, and effort into achieving a beautiful and healthy smile.

  1. “Flossing Hurts”

If done gently and with the correct technique, flossing should not hurt. If it is painful, you may be using too much force or are not using the floss correctly. Always feel free to ask your dental professional for a description & demonstration on proper flossing technique if you are experiencing pain….we love to talk about flossing!

  1. “Mouthwash is just as good as flossing”

Mouthwash, particularly one with fluoride, can help you maintain a happy & healthy smile but it is no substitute for traditional flossing. The “swishing” action of mouthwash is not effective at removing small food debris between teeth or at removing the sticky plaque that develops on the sides of teeth. It is recommended that you always floss first and then supplement with a mouthwash after brushing.

  1. “Only adults need to floss”

Children and adults both need to floss regularly to maintain good oral health and prevent cavities between teeth. You can begin introducing floss to your child once their baby teeth erupt. You will need to help them floss during childhood until they are able to do it properly & adequately on their own.

Make an appointment with us today and make sure you keep flossing between now and then!



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