Did you know every year in the United States we buy over 14 million gallons of toothpaste?  Toothpaste was first believed to be found in China, Egypt and India in 5000 BC and were made out of mints, peppers, dried flowers, and crushed salt.  There is also evidence that some cultures made their toothpaste from egg shells and burnt animal hooves.

In the 1800’s dentists created a powder form of toothpaste and added soap in to give it an extra cleaning power.  In 1914 fluoride was added to toothpaste and later in 1989 the first whitening toothpaste was created!

So how do you choose your toothpaste? Is it the flavor or how it makes your mouth feel? The whitening aspect or the ability to assist in sensitivity? Whatever the reason is, it is important to use the right toothpaste when brushing your teeth. The main reason is because it assists the toothbrush in removing plaque and bacteria from your teeth that can cause cavities and gum disease and in some cases tooth loss. Toothpastes that contain fluoride help the tooth resist decay and repair present decay before damage is ever seen. Don’t forget how fresh and clean your mouth feels after brushing with a great toothpaste! Here at Sala Family Dentistry we know our toothpastes and can assist you in finding the best toothpaste for your needs!



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