We get asked a ton of questions about how to choose the best dental care provider. So, we’ve compiled our Top 25 Reasons to Choose Sala Family Dentistry as your reno dentists:

  1. Don’t have dental health insurance? We offer multiple in-house savings plans, to suit your dental needs. Similar to an insurance plan.
  2. Community Support. Sala Family Dentistry loves to give back to our community with community support, Sala Star and our makeover giveaways.
  3. Four of our doctors have the Fellowship of American General Dentistry.
  4. All our dental/oral health providers strive in continuing education and are always attending continuing dental education classes to ensure they are on top of all the current dental techniques, material, and resources.
  5. Contests & Patient appreciation parties…we love fun and always offer fun contests and parties, this is also a way to gives thanks and gratitude to our dental patients. We can not be the office we are without great patients that feel more like family to us.
  6. Second Opinion, if you want to be sure of the dental treatment you need from a previous office, bring in your x-rays & treatment plan and we would be happy to review it and offer our opinion at no charge.
  7. We have a pediatric dentistry to treat and care for your children’s oral health and provide a smooth & calming experience for them and you.
  8. We have an in-house dental lab that provides excellent crowns and bridges, we never have to ship things away or outsource your crown or bridge. Saves time and money.
  9. We accept Care Credit, low monthly payment options with no interest.
  10. Convenience. Our Reno location is very close to Highway 80 & McCarran for easy to-and-from access.
  11. Friendly staff. Our patients are family.
  12. Play sports or live an active lifestyle? We can make you a custom mouthguard better than the store bought ones.
  13. Two of our doctors have the Fellowship of Implantology.
  14. Operatory rooms with heated massage chairs and more to make your operation as comfortable as possible.
  15. Digital Xrays = less radiation and much faster.
  16. Convenient business hours beginning at 7 AM and open on Saturdays.
  17. Mondays-Thursdays 7 am-7 pm, Fridays 7 am-5 pm, Saturdays 7 am-3 pm
  18. We offer dental bleaching, take-home or in-office. Our dentists will be able to provide you with the best option for you to have that pearly white smile.
  19. Saliva Testing. A simple saliva test to diagnose certain periodontal diseases with recommended treatment options.
  20. TV/Movies for our pediatric department, children get to watch popular kid movies during treatment and their oral health check-ups.
  21. Need Dentures or Partials? We can certainly make you a set and/or make any adjustments to your current dentures/partials.
  22. Same day treatment. We love to simplify things for you, time is important and we want to provide you with the treatment you need while you are in the office. (Call before 9 AM).
  23. We offer nitrous (laughing gas) and sedation to ease our nervous patients or you can rest easy and sleep while you get your dental work done.
  24. Sleep Apnea. We offer a complimentary consult to discuss any concerns with sleep apnea and offer a solution you may not have known about. Read: Why Seeing Your Dentist Could Add Years to Your Life.
  25. Need braces/orthodontic care? We have a board certified Orthodontist to ensure you get that perfect straight smile. We’re also certified Invisalign partners.

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