At your child’s initial visit we will make sure to provide them an exam, a teeth cleaning, and fluoride treatment.

Exams: We’ll make sure to examine your child’s mouth to ensure there aren’t any signs of oral health problems in the future. Our goal is to set your child up with a healthy future.

Teeth Cleaning: Even though your children are going to lose their baby teeth, it’s still important that they are taken care of! If baby teeth aren’t taken care of, it could cause damage to gums and damage to the permanent teeth coming in.

Fluoride Treatment: Fluoride is extremely important in the development of having a healthy oral health future. This ensures that your child’s teeth are staying strong and setting up a positive future for their permanent teeth. At Sala Family Dentistry, we provide children age 3 and under a free initial visit! It’s very important to get your toddlers in at an early age to set them up for success in regards to their oral health.

At your child’s initial visit, our top priority is to make sure they feel comfortable. We understand that having a stranger probe around in your mouth can be a very uneasy feeling, so our goal is to ensure that your children feel safe and okay at their initial visit.



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