when will my child lose their teeth?

when will my child lose their teeth?

“It seems like all the kids in my child’s class are losing their teeth- When will my child lose their teeth?” We are asked this question on a regular basis, and the quick answer is around age 6. 

The average child loses their lower central incisors (the teeth that are front and center – the two lower teeth that are at the very front of your child’s mouth) around their sixth birthday. It is at this time that also that the 6 year molars start to erupt.

Different teeth usually fall out at different times.

Lower Central Incisors – Around 6 Years Old
Lateral Incisors – Around 7 Years Old
Canines – Around 9-10 Years Old
First Molar – Around 9 Years Old
Second Molar – Around 10 Years Old

If your child loses their baby teeth by decay or accident too early, their permanent teeth can erupt prematurely and come in crooked because of limited space. This will likely lead to the need of orthodontic treatment.

Make sure your children have dental checkups twice a year for cleaning, as well as for X-rays as recommended by your dentist. Our pediatric dentist has special expertise in children’s dentistry. Regular preventive appointments will significantly decrease your child’s chances of ever having to undergo major dental treatment. Also, contact uswhenever your child complains of a toothache. This pain could be a sign of a decayed tooth.

It’s important to remember that every child is unique and this age is just an average. Some children are early bloomers and get permanent teeth early and some are a bit late and those teeth don’t pop until a little later. If you are concerned with the eruption of you child’s teeth or have more questions on when your child will lose their teeth, make an appointment with Sala Family Dentistry and we can chat about their specific needs!




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