CloSYS mouthwash is a wonderful dentifrice to incorporate into ANYONE’S existing daily oral home-care regimen. The CloSYS brand product line extends beyond mouthwash to also include toothpaste and oral sprays — but a few of the unique qualities that the mouthwash has, in particular, are as follows: 1) It is an alcohol-free rinse (non-irritating to the oral tissues) 2) It is either flavorless or extremely mild in flavor (depending on whether or not the peppermint oil is added) and aids in balancing a neutral pH within the oral cavity 3) It is formulated to combat and kill bacteria that contributes to inflammation and bleeding of the gums, as well as bad breath (halitosis). These few characteristics alone make the mouthwash a very attractive and beneficial product to be used on a daily basis by a widespread patient population when it comes to maintaining optimal oral health.



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