Let’s admit it we have all done it- going to bed without brushing your teeth first. We tell ourselves we will just make it up by brushing in the morning, but how bad is it really to skip brushing before bed?

With every meal we eat during the day, there is an addition of bacteria that reside in our mouths and sticks to our teeth – which can create root decay, cavities, and tooth loss.

When you head to bed before brushing that bacteria off your teeth, the plaque on your teeth starts to harden and calcify on the surfaces of your teeth which can be impossible to remove at home. Plaque buildup can cause irritation and inflammation to your gums which can be uncomfortable and can eventually cause infections in your gums. This plaque cannot be removed by your toothbrush but needs to be removed at your dental hygiene appointment.

We’re all humans though – skipping flossing and brushing before bed just once is going to happen to everyone at some point. Although, making it a habit can cause many complications over time such as: cavities, gingavitus, tooth decay, yellowing of teeth and more!

So next time, before you are about to hit the sheets without grabbing that toothbrush, just ask yourself if the two minutes you are about to skip that it takes to brush is worth years of dental pain and even taking time off your life! Brushing before bed is worth it.



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