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Dental hygiene is important at any age, but it’s arguably most important for children. Not only is this when their teeth and gums are growing and developing, but it’s also when lifelong habits are formed. This makes choosing the right toothbrush for your child a very important decision.

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It’s Not One Size Fits All

It can get a little overwhelming when looking for the right toothbrush. However, even the most impressive one may not be right for your kids. For young children, you should make sure that the toothbrush is the right size and shape. It is recommended that you choose a brush that is a half-inch to one-inch long so that it easily fits their mouth and their teeth. Anything more can be too large to fit!

You’ll also want to make sure that you find a brush with an easy-to-hold and comfortable handle. This enables your child to be able to comfortably control the brush and get each and every tooth clean!

Soft Brush, Strong Teeth

Look for brushes that have soft bristles. This will prevent any damage to enamel and gums, especially if your child is especially excited to be brushing! Even medium bristles can cause enough damage if you’re not careful, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Brushing Can Be a Reason to Smile

Keeping it fun can also be a huge help in developing good brushing habits. Finding your child’s favorite movie or television character on a brush might make them extra excited to come back to brush twice a day.

You may also consider purchasing a quality electric toothbrush. Not only is it fancy and high-tech, but it can also help your child stay on track, especially early-on while creating these habits. They come in several different styles and colors, and many even have the ability to time brushing time with a fun song!

No matter which brush you choose, it’s bound to be a fun time for your child that will build great habits they will carry into their future. In the meantime, schedule an appointment with our pediatric dentist to make sure your child’s smile is as healthy as can be!



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