April is often synonymous with springtime and sunshine. The winter weather is slowly disappearing behind us, and we can’t help but celebrate! But did you know that April is also Oral Cancer Awareness Month? This disease is more common than you might think, so let’s discuss the dangers and the importance of keeping up your oral hygiene.  

In observation of Oral Cancer Awareness Month, we are offering a $68 new patient exam complete with an x-ray and routine cleaning. Contact us to set up an appointment and join the family! 

Each year, nearly 49,750 people are diagnosed with oral cancer, and just about every hour, someone dies from this horrible disease. After the initial diagnosis of oral cancer, only about half of patients survive past their diagnosis. More often than not, oral cancer isn’t discovered until its later stages, making the diagnosis and recovery processes that much more difficult. 

Risky Business

It’s important to know what increases your risk of developing oral cancer. To no surprise, tobacco use increases your risk by THREE times while drinking alcohol doubles your risk. Just by cutting down on your use of these products can save you a lot of trouble and worry in the future. Age is also a factor to take into consideration when measuring your risk. Two-thirds of patients with oral cancer are 55 or older.

Proceed With Caution

The good news is that even though we age (or enjoy the occasional drink), we can still take care of our oral health by visiting our dentist! If oral cancer is detected early, survival rates increase by at least 80%, so it is vital to keep up your dental appointments. Please note that if you ever have any lumps, red or white patches, or sores that do not heal within two weeks in your mouth or throat, it is important to make an appointment to get them checked out. Remember, early detection saves lives so don’t forget to keep up your appointments with your dental team!

To observe Oral Cancer Awareness Month, contact us to set up your appointment for your regular checkup to make sure you’re smiling and healthy for years to come!



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