Ladies, did you know pregnancy can affect your oral health? As we all know, pregnancy causes hormonal changes. Many women make it through their entire pregnancy without any oral complications, but for some there are a few discomforts.

Hormonal changes can trigger gingivitis, which is swelling and inflammation of the gums, and can cause gum disease. Some women experience overgrowths of tissues on their gums during pregnancy that are related to excessive plaque from neglecting dental care. When pregnant, the body increases blood flow to support you and the baby which can cause a swollen gums and an allover sensitive mouth, even if you have never had issues with sensitivity in the past.

Enamel Erosion
Morning sickness increases the amount of bacteria in your mouth which eats away at your teeth’s enamel. Acid from your stomach can be strong enough to eat away at your teeth. The first thing a lot of women want to do after morning sickness is brush their teeth, but because your teeth are extra sensitive from the acid make sure to wait 30 minutes. Do your best to swish water around your mouth instead of brushing right away.

Don’t Neglect!
Good news though! Local anesthesia is safe for you and your baby during pregnancy, so don’t put off taking care of those fillings or root canals. Try not to use pregnancy as a reason to avoid seeing your dentist! Make sure to continue with your regular dental visits, just remember to let your dental office know that you are pregnant so they can make the needed precautions. Don’t forget to use your dental team as a resource for any questions you may have while pregnant!

Expecting a child and pregnancy in general is an exciting time! We want to be there along the way with you for any of your dental needs or concerns. Contact us today to set up an appointment so that when you’re baby comes you’re oral health is in perfect condition!




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