getting your child to brush and floss siblings brushing their teeth in the mirror

Getting your child to brush and floss can often be a challenge. To help facilitate good oral hygiene habits, try these suggestions:

  • Make brushing/flossing a daily priority that is important & necessary and cannot be skipped
  • Brush & floss wherever it is convenient (not necessarily in the bathroom)
  • Brush without toothpaste if necessary; toothpaste acts as a source of fluoride and freshens breath, but it is not as important as the act of brushing alone
  • Allow them to choose their toothbrush and floss/flossing aids as a means of getting them actively involved
  • Make it as fun as possible and approach their oral hygiene with a positive attitude such as playing music they enjoy or turning it into a game

Some children cry and fuss when their teeth are brushed despite your best efforts as a parent. This is very common and normal. Some children are simply more strong-willed than others and their way of expressing their discontent with brushing & flossing early in life is to cry & scream. As most parents can attest, children often cry at other routine but necessary tasks such as taking a bath, getting a haircut, or putting PJ’s on & going to bed on time. It is important to remember that some aspects of being a parent are non-negotiable as it pertains to the health & well-being of the child. Even if they don’t like it, you must remember that is being done from a loving standpoint and proper oral hygiene must be performed in order to prevent pain, disease, and infection.

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