Geno, who is a member of Sala Family Dentistry, deserves an extra round of applause! Last year, Dr. Jason chose Geno to receive a smile makeover – because of that smile makeover, Geno quite smoking cigarettes and hasn’t smoked since June 10, 2016! Reminiscing on his smile makeover, Geno thought to himself, “Cancer, all these things can kill you, and you didn’t stop smoking, but for your teeth you did.”

After Dr. Jason explained that smoking cigarettes deteriorates your bones deteriorates your bones, and because of that, implants are not an option for those in need, Geno realized that he “might as well go buy a brand new car and go out every morning and just scratch it.”

Sala Family Dentistry truly is about family and care. Dr. Todd and Dr. Jason followed in their father’s footsteps and attended college in Louisville, Kentucky. Bringing some of that southern charm make with them to Reno, their father and mother instilled in them “that the most important thing is the relationship.”

We want to make sure that there is no disconnect between our staff and our patients. We may have a large dentistry building, but when you come in, our staff’s mission is to make you feel at home and at ease.

The doctors at Sala Family Dentistry strive to create a positive environment, in the hopes that maybe one day the children that come in want to become a dentist or someone who wants to care for people because of their experiences at Sala.

Congratulations to Geno on quitting smoking cigarettes and getting his smile makeover. We recognize that quitting a habit as such is a super difficult task, and we couldn’t be more proud to help him along his journey. You or someone you know can win a smile makeover too! Nominate a deserving individual for their chance at winning a $20k Smile Makeover here.



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