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For the longest time I have heard patients say that they don’t eat sugars, candies, sodas or sweets. Yet, they are growing cavities quickly and easily. Why is this? As much as we would like to blame sugars, we can’t! The big issue with cavities are acids. These acids come in every spectrum of foods and drinks we consume other than water. Now without boring you too much, the “Perfect Storm” for cavities to form requires that the acid level or pH balance of our mouths falls below 5.5, coupled with how long and frequently we are consuming these foods or drinks. For example, you head to Starbucks before work and grab that tall latte and begin to sip on that wonderful beverage all day. So, we take an acidic drink, daily and sipping on it all day. Here’s the issue, your mouth has saliva which is a natural buffer against bacteria build up in the mouth. Whenever something acidic is introduced into the mouth it takes the mouth 30 minutes to neutralize the acid in your mouth. If you sip, graze or consume those acidic foods all day your mouth never has a chance to adjust and you stay acidic and now a prime environment for cavities to grow and grow quickly. So the next time you consume those acidic foods or drinks do it quickly, your mouth and dental team will love you for it! So you if you don’t know, now you know!

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