Who loves their white smile? Did you know that about 50% of people say that a person’s smile is the first thing they notice about someone? Every one deserves to feel confident with their first impressions and with their smile. If you’re having trouble keeping your teeth white, there are some items you can eliminate from your diet, as well as actions you can take to start creating the white smile you want. 

Causes: Many factors can affect the color of our teeth. Dark sodas, coffee, and red wine can stain teeth as well as tobacco use! Our teeth soften with age which can cause the yellowish dentin below the enamel to show more prominently. Injuries and medications can also cause discoloration in teeth.  

Solutions: There are little steps you can take to help with whitening your teeth.
– Drink with a straw
– Brush after drinking – but make sure to wait at least 30 minutes because your teeth are extra sensitive after consuming acidic drinks such as coffee or soda
Snack on strawberries and apples
– Brush and floss twice a day!

Treatments: Whitening can be a great solution to this cosmetic issue! Whitening products contain a form of bleach that breaks down stains into smaller, less concentrated pieces. There are currently many whitening options including toothpastes, at-home treatments, and in-office treatments. Toothpastes that whitening solutions have abrasive materials that scrub away the stains on the surface of your teeth, but they do not change the color of the teeth. At-home treatments can come in a tray form or strips that stick to your teeth and contain bleach that whitens the teeth. At-home treatments contain a lower concentration than in-office treatments. In-office treatments can be much faster and produce whiter results than at-home whitening.  

If you’re unsure of what whitening treatment is best for you- ask us at your next visit or give us a call!



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