There’s nothing like a nice glass of wine to sip on over dinner with friends and family – especially around the holiday season. But what about wine and your teeth? There are a few factors to consider when pouring yourself a glass as well as some tips to protect your teeth while you enjoy it!

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Red Wine, The Protector

Red wine can actually protect your teeth against harmful bacteria! That’s right, the antioxidants that red wine contains actually prevents the bacteria that cause your teeth to decay from sticking to your teeth. Plus, antioxidants are just good for your overall health (in moderation when it comes to wine), so it’s a double whammy!

Red vs. White Wine

It’s no secret that red wine can stain your teeth, but if you think switching to white will save your teeth, you might want to think again. While red wine may visibly stain your teeth, white wine is actually more acidic and can do your teeth more harm than just temporary staining. Sipping on white wine can erode your tooth enamel, causing more problems in the long run!

Extra Precautions

One of the best parts about wine is that it pairs nicely with cheese, and cheese is great for your teeth! Not only does it rub your teeth clean with every bite, but the calcium is beneficial for the health of your teeth.

Also, instead of brushing your teeth immediately after drinking wine, you should wait at least 30 minutes to brush. The immediate acidity will have weakened your enamel, so you’ll want to wait until it has hardened back up again to avoid further damage by brushing.

And if your teeth are visibly stained, feel free to come into Sala Family Dentistry to get your teeth whitened! We’ll make a difference that you can see, and it just might help you enjoy that glass of wine that much more.

Bottom line is that wine and your teeth can definitely get along. As always, remember to drink wine in moderation to protect those pearly whites of yours, but most of all make sure to enjoy a glass (or two) around the table with the ones you love this holiday season. 



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