$500 Off braces

$500 Off braces

March has arrived which means the long awaited spring break is right around the corner!  Not only is spring break the perfect time to relax, enjoy the sun, and take fun trips, but it is the perfect time for kids to come in and get their braces.

Why is spring break a great time to get your braces on? Here are a few reasons:
1) Flexible scheduling – During your break you will have more time to schedule appointments without having to miss classes or meetings.
2) Time to adjust to life with braces – having time off to relax and get used to your braces before heading back to classes.
3) Develop proper cleaning habits – Having extra time to learn how to properly take clean and take care of your teeth and new braces is always helpful.
4) SURPRISE!! – Heading back to school after your spring vacation with a new grill is a fun way to surprise all of your friends and kick off a fresh start to the rest of the school year.

Save $500 when you spring into braces during this spring break! Appointments are limited so don’t delay. Contact us at Sala Family Dentistry to schedule your child’s complimentary consultation.



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