mustache for america

mustache for america

We’re taking No-Shave November up a notch this year. Who’s ready for Mustaches for America!?

This is a mustache and/or beard contest for the months of October and November. This contest is a fun way to embrace “Movember” while fundraising for Smiles For Freedom (SFF).

Who do you think will have the best mustache?

Patients during the month of November will be eligible to vote in office via a donation in any amount at front desk checkout, hygiene checkout and concierge with all proceeds going to Smiles For Freedom. The winning beard or mustache will receive $100 and lead the pledge of allegiance at next years Smiles For Freedom event! See below for contest rules.

Contest Rules:

Why: Fundraising for SFF! Any patient, team member, family member etc can vote via a donation and don’t hesitate to ask if they don’t know! Any amount helps!

Who: Any male or female Sala Family Dentistry employee can enter. Doc’s entry fee $100. All other SFD employees $20. All entries must take own head shot pre-growth (appropriate please) and submit to

When: October 14th – November 22nd

Where: Sala Family Dentistry

What: Beard or mustache – must be well kept, clean and not extend to the neck. You may comb, trim, wax but no dyes or “Duck Dynasty”. On November 22nd by 7pm all final head shots sent to Dr. Justin email above taken by individual, no exceptions.

How: Beards/Mustache winners graded on votes/donations, team and patient votes via social media. Beards/Mustache are graded on thickness, fullness, style and of course creativity.

If individual shaves prior to contest end date they are automatically eliminated or if any of the above rules are disregarded that will qualify for elimination.

This event is meant to be fun for participants, team and patients who embrace and love our culture. Most importantly it raises funds for a great cause in Smiles For Freedom which can allow us to serve more veterans each and every year. Remember have fun and laugh!



Mon - Fri 7:00am – 5:00pm
Saturday 7:00am - 3:00pm
Sunday Closed