If your child is going trick or treating or attending Halloween parties, be on the look out for sugar bug’s (cavities) favorite treats!

Here is a quick guide to make healthy decisions for your child’s teeth this Halloween!

Avoid candy that is sticky such as bubble gum, gummies, taffy and caramel. The sticky and chewy candy usually winds up getting stuck in the grooves of the teeth therefore making it difficult to wash away. The longer the candy sticks to the tooth the longer the tooth is exposed to the sugar.

Limit eating sour candy. These are high in acid which leads to teeth eroding, or breaking down. This causes teeth to be more susceptible to cavities.

Encourage your child to eat a small amount of candy in one sitting followed closely by brushing their teeth. This limits the time that the candy is in contact with the teeth

Better options of sweet treats include chocolate, sugar free gum and even pretzels and crackers.

Another option may be having non-food treats to give out to your trick-or-treaters. Pencils, stickers, games are great alternatives. Visiting your local dollar store for fun ideas! Also, when your child brings home a bag of candy you can donate it or trade them for a fun toy!



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