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Summer is the perfect time for your child or teen to get braces, and lucky for you, this summer we’re having a Summer Braces Promotion! If you set up an appointment in June you will receive $600 OFF, July you will receive $500 OFF and August you will receive $400 OFF! So why should you have your child get their braces on this summer?

Adjusting to New Braces is Easier in the Summer

There is an adjustment period after getting braces put on. You may feel some discomfort for a few days and thats totally normal! Being out of school allows you to relax and rest without having an affect on your school work.

Summer is also a good time to get braces compared to other months such as Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. During that time there are lots of candies, sweets and hard foods around. The first few days or week of having your braces you will want to eat soft foods, and summer allows you to not miss out on those other yummy foods around the holidays.

Creating a Routine in Summer is Easier

Braces do take some work. Food gets caught in your braces very easy, so brushing and flossing will start to take a little extra time. During the school year, you’re usually rushing out of the house trying to get to school on time so you don’t have a proper brush in the morning. On top of that, during the school year the kids are usually involved in sports which means late nights – and we now how kids are – sometimes they just fall asleep without brushing their teeth first.

More Flexibility in the Summer

With braces, you will have to come in often get your braces tightened and adjusted. Summer break allows some more flexibility to get your child in that way they aren’t missing class or school. As much as we’re sure the kids would love to skip out on an hour of school, we know the importance of your child’s education!

When you have braces, brushing and flossing need to be a priority. Establishing a routine in summer allows your child to be ready to go with their oral care once school starts up again.


Don’t wait any longer to get your child in for braces! You won’t want to miss out on these massive discounts this summer! Call us today to set up an appointment for your children to get their braces on this summer! Call Us Today! (775) 473-9110

summer braces



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