Cosmetic Dentistry

Are Injectable Veneers Right For You?


Injectable veneers, also known as non-surgical veneers or composite veneers, are a cosmetic dentistry option that can transform the appearance of a person's teeth without the need for invasive procedures. This method of veneers involves the use of a composite resin material that is applied directly to the teeth, sculpted and shaped to improve their [...]

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Q&A Pediatric Dentistry: Thumb Sucking


Sucking on a thumb or pacifier is a natural reflex for babies and toddlers. After a certain age, however, a thumb sucking or pacifier habit can become harmful. It may affect the way permanent teeth grow in and even lead to changes in the shape of the child’s jaw. Most children will stop these habits [...]

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Braces in the Summer


The sun 🌞 is shining, grills are heating up, and the days are long.  Summer is in full swing!  This also means that it is the perfect time to start creating your child’s beautiful smile with orthodontic treatment! We know - getting braces or starting Invisalign treatment may not be the most fun summertime activity, but for [...]

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Top 25 Reasons to Choose Sala Family Dentistry


We get asked a ton of questions about how to choose the best dental care provider. So, we’ve compiled our Top 25 Reasons to Choose Sala Family Dentistry as your reno dentists: Don’t have dental health insurance? We offer multiple in-house savings plans, to suit your dental needs. Similar to an insurance plan. Community Support. […]

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White Smile Tips and Solutions


Who loves their white smile? Did you know that about 50% of people say that a person’s smile is the first thing they notice about someone? Every one deserves to feel confident with their first impressions and with their smile. If you’re having trouble keeping your teeth white, there are some items you can eliminate […]

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