dentaltown feature
We’re humbled and grateful that our team here at Sala Family Dentistry was featured in a national dental magazine DentalTown. Our office here in beautiful Reno, Nevada was recognized in the article “A World of Good: Townies crisscross the globe to ensure that everyone has access to good dental care.” Every May, DentalTown has profiled dental professionals who’ve donated their time and services to those in desperate need of care. We’re very proud to be recognized as one of these dentistries giving back.
We are extremely proud of Kandice Simpkins for creating “Smiles for FREEdom” as we gave a day to the veterans in our community and completed over $100,000 in dentistry that day.
“Sala Family Dentistry of Reno, Nevada has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars of dental work to help local veterans receive the care they need. ” – DentalTown
A special thanks goes to Dr. Scott Boyden and team as well. We are a community serving a community. We’re not only a dentistry, but we’re leaders in our community who hope to make positive impacts in people’s lives, and to encourage others to help make a difference in others lives.
Dr. Jason Sala and Dr. Todd Sala are not only interested in their education, but enjoy educating others as well. Last weekend, the brothers traveled to Phoenix, Arizona to put on a class for the Scheduling Institute.
“It is a true privilege to be the only two dentists to speak for the largest dental coaching program in the world. We coach/speak for them in both Phoenix and Atlanta between 10 and 12 times per year. It is an honor to teach dentists, doctors, surgeons, chiropractors, and health care professionals from all over as we know that helping them improve their practices, improves their community as well.”  The Sala Brothers love what they do and they love helping people improve.
Thank you again to DentalTown for featuring Sala Family Dentistry in your wonderful magazine. We look forward to helping more people within our community and around the world.



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