Happy week of Thanksgiving!
While I believe we’re exceptionally cognizant and attentive of counting our blessings around this time of year, I’d like to emphasize the importance of the latter component of the word THANKSGIVING — ie. giving. Thinking of and expressing gratitude is a wonderful thing, don’t get me wrong, and should be done accordingly. However, what if we try to be inclusive in having a giving heart, as well as a grateful one?
What are some ways you could practice more selflessness this holiday season? Small or big, all acts of kindness are powerful and could be the difference in what turns someone else’s entire day around.
I thought I’d list a few ideas to get the cogs turning in that head of yours, but I challenge you to think of a few on your own as well —
  • Move your next door neighbor(s)’s trash and/or recycling bins out to the curb the day it is being picked up
  • Shovel snow in the driveway/off the sidewalk of other houses in your neighborhood
  • Volunteer at your church
  • Make a donation to a charity or cook dinner for a family you know is in need this year
  • Reach out to a friend or family member you know may be feeling more isolated lately and let them know you are thinking of them (maybe offer to take them out for coffee or lunch)
  • Make cookies for your mailman (woman) or offer hot cocoa if you happen to catch them delivering at your door
  • Donate a toy for the Toy Drive that our office is participating in
  • Tip more than normal when eating out at a restaurant
The sky is literally the limit!
Being grateful for all that you have definitely changes your perspective, but giving has the potential to give someone else something to be grateful for and changes the heart.
Stay strong, stay healthy,
The B.O.D. Squad
— Built On Determination



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