Welcome to 2 0 2 3 my friends!

How exciting a new year can be; a clean slate, a fresh start, 365 days worth of possibilities!
How about we kick the year off with talking about your favorite meal, eh?

Picture it — your favorite sandwich. Or maybe it’s a pasta dish. A savory steak cooked to just the right temperature? Your grandmother’s homemade chili. Whatever it may be, create the image in your head. How was it prepared? What exact steps were taken? What seasonings were used, if any? Is there a side(s)?

Now imagine that same meal, but one, or maybe even several of the ingredients are missing. Let’s call them key ingredients. Would it taste the same? Would it hit the spot like it always does or fall short and be a bit disappointing? Would it satisfy your appetite or leave you hungry?

Let’s explore within that same frame of mind, but now in place of your favorite meal, envision your favorite year — your best year; let’s call said year 2023.

What ingredients might the recipe for an exceptional year call for? What type of mindset needs to be present? What is the ideal environment? Who will keep you accountable and offer support when needed, or celebrate wins with you? What will you do in effort to keep things in balance for just the right taste? What ingredients should be omitted to ensure that the finished dish isn’t too salty?

I encourage you to spend some quality time this week thinking over those key ingredients — what essential components are needed for you to succeed and be at your best this year? How will you propel forward toward your goals?

Have a spectacular week!

Stay strong, stay healthy,

Destinee – The B.O.D. Squad
— Built On Determination



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